Tiny CC's Free Resources for Custom Branded URL Shortening


Get one click link shortening anywhere you go on the internet! And automatically shorten address of the page you are currently on. Put TINYCC on your Firefox, Safari or Chrome toolbar, or in your Internet Explorer Bookmarks, and you can quickly shorten from the site you are visiting. A tiny link will be created for the URL currently in your address bar, with just a mouse click. You won't need to copy and paste that URL into our site first, it will be done automatically. To activate bookmarklet - drag and drop this icon to your browser's toolbar.

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To use with Internet Explorer:  Right bookmarklet icon then - click Add to Favorites... click Yes if a security alert pops-up (this is simply showing you that the link contains javascript). Click OK to add Tiny to your Favorites list, or highlight "Links" then OK to put Tiny onto your Explorer toolbar. If your Links toolbar is not visible, you can enable it in View >Toolbars > Links at the top of your web browser. Your browser must be enabled to allow JavaScript. Also, make sure your popup blocker allows the tiny.cc domain.

If you are seeing message: This server may not let you use Tinycc bookmarklet on HTTPS pages it is because some servers impose restrictive content policies . These are policies are controlled by content-security-policy HTTP header and is respected by modern browsers. Note: these policies can apply not only to HTTPS pages, but also to HTTP pages. It depends on each specific website/server configuration.